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Welcome to Diamond W Dachshunds 
 Here at Diamond W Dachshunds, we are dedicated to breeding and selling the very best Miniature Dachshunds in the South.  We have all types of miniature dachshunds for sale.  Our country home is located near Prattville, in Central Alabama and is tucked back into a quiet little corner of the county.  We breed a wide variety of colors and coats, including smooth hair, long hair, and wire haired.  Look at our "Sold Miniature Dachshunds" page to see the Blue, Blue Dapple, Chocolate Dapple, Chocolate,  Black and Tan, Red, Isabella, Isabella and Tan Dapple, and Piebald puppies our amazing Sires and Dams have produced.  The diversity of colors and coats is testimony to our devotion to producing the best variety and quality miniature dachshunds in the South.   All of our miniature dachshunds live in our home with us as treasured pets and members of our family.  Doing so allows for the care and socialization we feel is necessary to produce happy, healthy miniature dachshunds.     


Lucy & Little Jake gave us three beautiful new babies!! These miniature dachshunds were born on May 2nd.  Only one little Boy Available!! $900.00 Ready to go to their forever homes at eight weeks old.  See our page "PUPPIES FOR SALE - LUCY"

Come see what La Roux & Baxter gave us!!!  Two beautiful babies!! Born May 16th.  Only one little boy available - $900.00. These miniature dachshunds are ready to go to their forever homes at eight weeks old.  See our page "PUPPIES FOR SALE - La Roux" - Call or text us at 334-322-4127 (our email is currently down).

Happy & Hershey blessed us with four beautiful babies!! Born June 14th.   Only two little boys AVAILABLE!! Just $900.00 each.  These miniature dachshunds are ready to go to their forever homes at eight weeks old.  See our page "PUPPIES FOR SALE - HAPPY".

We offer our in-state and across country delivery service.  We will personally deliver your precious darling(s) to the location of your choice, call us today for scheduling and pricing (334-322-4127).  See our page "DELIVERY AVAILABLE" for details. 

              MORE LITTERS ON THE WAY 


We now accept PayPal.   Please call to verify availability of puppies prior to use.  Please add additional $4.00 per hundred when using PayPal.  All money paid through Pay Pal must be deposited three days prior to delivery of the reserved puppy.  We accept personal checks for deposits only, please make checks payable to Jean Williams.  Contact us at 334-322-4127.   $200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit required to hold each puppy, no exceptions. We do not ship our babies, but, we will be more than happy to make arrangements to meet you at a convenient location. We will deliver to longer distances for a fee.  We guarantee our puppies against any life threatening health issues.  All of our parents are vet checked prior to breeding.  The puppies are given their worming and shots as recommended by our veterinarian and are vet checked at six weeks old.
Ask about our discounts.
We provide pedigree papers on both parents at the time of sale along with the puppies' health record.  All of our puppies are able to be registered with AKC and CKC,, except on rare occasions, we will sell "Pet Only", no papers.
We are not a puppy mill!!  We are very strict about the number of times our females are allowed to breed.  We will never over-breed any of our precious darlings.  They are members of our family and their health and happiness come before all else.
Our sires and dams are of the very best quality available. They produce the best Miniature Dachshunds Puppies for sale on the Internet. Take a look at our Sires and Dams page to see the beautiful miniature dachshunds in our kennel.  We have chosen carefully, breeding for the most desirable color and coats.  It is our mission to make available to loving, parents, the perfect miniature dachshund of their dreams.  Sometimes a person wants a miniature dachshund, "just like they had as child", or a treasured pet passes away and they want one "just like that" to fill that empty spot.  But some times the new pet parent just "loves" a particular color or coat.  We want to place our precious babies in homes where they will be loved forever and ever.  That is why we keep our babies very close to hand during their time with us.  We can tell you each one's individual personality, whether they are a "fighter", not taking anything off of the other dogs, or if they are a "lover", wanting to snuggle and cuddle with "Mama" in the rocking chair.  We feel the puppies' personality is much more important than coat or color, but it's a wonderful thing when you get all three just right.  Regardless of color, our number one goal is to produce healthy, happy, well socialized miniature dachshunds.  
Miniature dachshunds have a typical weight of 8 to 11 lbs., the smaller the dog the better. They also are normally a height of 5 to 7 in. They are nicknamed "wiener dogs" or "hot dogs" and are sometimes described as being "a dog and a half long and a half dog high".
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